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Get Lean All Over

Slip on a smaller size with this antiflab plan.

20 Minutes To Toned

If, like half the universe, you've resolved to slim down and shape up in the new year, prepare to jump ...

Amazing Arms

Shape show-'em-off shoulders, biceps and triceps--easily!

Jennifer Aniston's Mind/Body Makeover

In a SELF exclusive, the actress talks intimately about her secret source of strength and, together with her yoga teacher, ...

Jump Off The Jiggle

12 high-powered moves to melt fat super fast!

Turn On, Tune In, Tone Up!

Glued to the tube? You're not alone. American women spend, on average, more than five hours a day watching TV. ...

Tone All Over

If you're yearning to take inches off from head to toe, jump on the bandwagon. This exclusive total-body workout from ...

Stand Up to Belly Bulge: 7 On-Your-Feet Firmers

Alwyn Cosgrove, owner of Results Fitness in Newhall, California, developed this no-crunches-required workout. Start by working three or four of ...

Look Amazing From Head to Toe

Imagine a speedy yet effective shape-up you can do anywhere - in your living room, on vacation or at the ...

A Firm, Fab Yoga Butt

These poses will get your rear in gear fast!